Monday, March 29, 2010

"Goo Kapan...////..."

Ok..well as for relaxing during the holidays went for a six when the match season stated in Uni..

well it's definitely nothing posh..but a real humble series played for honor and sportsmanship...

the matches were organized to be held in the old rundown double outdoor basketball court in the uni..and was told that every batch can have a team..

The First years..had a team...initially it was to be purely Sri Lankan..and then later since we also had a couple of Sri Lankanized indians who were supporting was a mixed team..

basically the matches were supposed to be between Indians and Sri lankans of all 6 or 5 years...

the most unfair part for us was that there were no girls in any team so we were left out to be the honorable cheerleaders..:(

but still we took our role quiet seriously...because after been away from home for just over a a football land..where cricket was played rarely just for exhibitions sake..and when all of us missed the beloved big match season and are streaming the IPL through youtube..we were very

so the first match was between first year Indians and Sri Lankans+2 Indians..

The match started with the Indian batting for us...did you know he played for Rajestan Royals last IPL..omg wasn't he good..he like made a 56 in like i dont know 10 was a great match...

and us the girls all came wearing the same color..with lots of coordination and cheered our beautiful voices out for the boys....
in here we were introduced to our beloved cheer..."Goo kapan.." none of the girls consented to cheering that way..and our contribution went as...screeching at the top of our lungs when an Indian was about to take a catch and scaring them and exciting them away so that they dropped the catches..and trust me it worked..and also screaming not out and pressuring the can they say no to a bunch of really pretty cute girls trust me..our magic worked and WE WON..

One DOWN..many more to go..

The next day was our team Vs. Indian 3rd year...

Omg weren't they good..and our Rajestan player got out during the first over and it was up to pure Sri Lankan blood to save the day..and weren't they amazing i admit that it was a rough and a nail biting...chest burning..blood boiling game...but still the Boys if their lives depended on it..

Lots of bad callings..lots of unfair judgements...but we didn't give up..the lions roared through..
and us the girls never let the spirit die..we kept on the cheer..encouraged our boys..and kept the Sri Lankaness alive...never did we waiver under the rude stares from the Indian Supporters or their own dirty rhymes..we stood straight and cheered on...

When we scarped into a 140 at the end of the 15 overs as opposed to the 194 the previous day the boys were so geared up to field their life away...

And didn't they do well..amazing swiftness..dedication and the determination they had in their minds showed to all spectators that we were not a batch to be messed around with..

And we cheered as never before..cheered the boys on..even consenting to go rip the head off the Umpires for their unfairness..and
we came up with our own cheer as opposed to the boys "Goo Kapan" which i say is an amazing rhyme..which never leaves your head..we sang.."Mutaa Gahanna Baa...///" in our tired voices..hearing us sing..the boys were smiling...and they were given inspiration and the extra push needed..

Last over...
15 runs off 6 balls...
we were in tippi-toes...
but we never stopped cheering...

i tell you hearing us cheer in one voice "Mutaa gahanna baa"really put down the spirit of the final batsman...and made him excited..even thought we were cheering against a bunch of around 25 Indian Boys..we still went on..

Two straight sixes...
and we were loosing hope...

A free hit and we knew it was closer to the time where we get on our knees and starts praying..
But the last balls were simply miraculous...
and we WON..with a margin of just two runs..

jumping around the benches and ground..we all celebrated not just the team but the whole batch...
we all felt the bond of True comradeship...True passion for sport and True friendship...

We realized..girls or boys...Sri Lankans or or just a well-wisher...
We are one batch and one family and that we need everyones support to succeed...

Important lessons learnt with the building of one strong bond between all of us..

all this from just a few matches!!amazing...

Love life..and learn...
God Bless..


  1. LOL.

    Exactly. Sports bring out the comradeship and team spirit, not books

    I wonder how the Georgians see Cricket - must be amusing for them too.

  2. Nice commentary ..Feel like I too was a spectator :)
    i witnessed similar cricket competition in Cambodia. It was between Sri Lankans in Cambodia vs Pakistani in Cambodia. Guess they still meet every month for a cricket match.

  3. we just finished the big match. It is indeed the best time of year! It seems like you guys had a rocking time over there in Georgia. I know the goo kaahpan rhyme. It's indeed a great one. The Papare` band at the match was so awesome this time! It was such a fun read. It is as though I was there :D
    Excellent stuff!

  4. i know what you mean, most people here don't know what cricket is, i find that annoying, as its so much apart of who i am as a sri lankan. well, i'm glad you had a blast. now hit those books missy.

  5. Serendib_isle - soo true...OMG..they love it...they come and watch and find it highly entertaining...wanted some of the boys to teach them aswel..:)

    Kirigalpoththa - really??thanks alot..:)..i'm sure they are these are the little things that reminds you of just feels great!!!

    Me-shak - i knowwwwww...i'm so jelous because i missed just gets stuck in your head...such an addictive and my roomies sang it out loud all the way home...hehehe...Thanks again...:D

    Dandelion - i totally understand's become who we are...i am...been studying again...being a good girl...:)

  6. Ah, shouting stuff at the match, such a fun thing... I love the shout that goes 'Hora Hora' when the umpire gives an unfair decision! ;) lol

    Looks like you guys had a whale of a time, and you've described it brilliantly! :D

    All the best with the studying!!! :D

  7. hehehe..i know sadly we had to opt for the english version of
    Thanks's just that it was such a major happening thing..and we all enjoyed it immensely..