Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Relax..:)

ok...sooo Finally Easter holidays!!!yeppi and here i am writing a post when i should be cuddled under my beloved quilt and snooring my life away...because it's am Insane...:)

But since i'm so used to sleeping late i'm waiting up to write some notes...and Relax...relax from the utter rush of a students life...rush of work..rush of shopping...rush of get it don't you...

Now it's spring here and the funny thing is i found my self sweating at 22 Celsius and missing the skin biting people adapt right!!!:)
Well that means that it is finally time for me to wrap away and store those horrible thermals and winter wear and take out my summer cloths and flipflops..yeppi...gosh i'm honestly sick of sneakers...

today after rushing from one bank to another paying bills and rent...jeez it was exhausting since all the bills come in Georgian and we had to find people who speak English right...we got home..and was so Hungry plus too lazy to cook that we bought a Pound of bread to eat with left over Potato curry and chili paste...(i love bread and chili paste..)and do you know what???I ATE 5 SLICES...i record for me..and i'm worried..i have been eating way to much this winter..UGHHHHH..that's the bad part about this can eat..and eat...and eat and never we four gals for the first time ate one and a half pounds of bread!!!I'm anyway a bit (not a my friends say..they are just too kind..)chubby so i seriously need to watch out my weight..and do you know what when i got up in the morning..i over heard SL and CP discussing to add ENSURE and SUSTAGEN to my morning milk if i reduce the amount of food i consume..they are worried i know..but so am i'm going to relax next time...and just make my own

And Turkish food can be amazing if you know what to order...after church of our friends took us out for a very early dinner at a Turkish restaurant!!and the brinjal curry was amazing...Now that's what i call chillaxing and relaxing...well as you can imagine..i was the bite of the day!!! always happens..i always...always./..always..gets bugged..and i'm yet to find the reason for such

Can you let me know your theories...

Sooo anyway 10 days worth of holidays are here...
so theres a surprise Birthday Party to organize which we are going to throw for our roomie..SL...(very excited)

and also there s the First Cricket Match of the season in Uni..between the Sri Lankan Students and Indian Students...TODAY..:)

Cant wait for it....:)..GO SRI LANKA..!!!!fingers crossed...
shoot...this is the time you really need a Sri Lankan flag..cant believe i forgot one..:(

anyways me off to relax in peace..with midterms creeping up on me once the holidays are over...yikesssss...

Breath Everyone..and don't forget to just ..RELAX...
Happy Smiles..


  1. Sounds like Easter holidays are fun! :D 5 slices of bread eh? ;) fun! I don't eat much and my mom is trying to drag me to a dietician! :/ And my veins have started showing, not a good sign! lol :D

    Go Sri Lanka!!! And good luck with the birthday party, I hope she doesn't read your blog! ;) lol

  2. i love chillie paste. i hope the cricket match went well, & you guys knocked the socks of the indians. me? i'm a turkish food fan too. as for the winter wear, god yes, its so good to chuck it away & reach for lighter clothing. have a fun easter penny, but don't forget those midterms now. :p

  3. Potato curry, chilly paste, sounds like you guys are having a party over there! Io us Sri Lankans are real "bada jaariyaas", don't worry, you will get over it:P I hope "Our Boys"(sanath cough cough) show some colors at the match! Good luck with your chillaxing :D
    Looking forward to many more awesome posts from you!

  4. I’m hoping your roomy SL doesn’t read your blog. Won’t be much of a surprise if she does, eh?

    Enjoy the break, have fun and be good.

    Keep us posted. ;)

  5. Chavie - you have to eat..lots of proteins and carbohydrates!!!!dont get sick oki???hehehehe...
    wish me's hard to organize all this when she sleeps right next to i dnt sleep

    Dandelion - easter holi's super fun..
    WE WON...yeppi...yep:( i'm studying a bit.:p

    Me-shak - hehehhe...i know..need to seriously control

    Serendib isle - yes..thank God she doesn't know..hhhehehe...
    i will...:)