Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being Clumsy...:)!!!

sorry have been away for quite sometime...
was buried with term papers and quizzes...and finally weekend..and so i can once again breath normally..

Clumsy is like totally me...hehehe..for the past week we got up late 3 times and practically ran all the way down the main road for lectures!!! know why...Because i have gotten up for the alarm...offed it and slept again....soo it was a Huge rush..where we had to dash in to the bathroom...make milk...make breakfast...get ready..find shoes...find socks...find pens and books and run mad

Then there was also the time when we started cooking dinner at we simply forgot to eat..:)

And the most happening of all was ...nope..let me correct the most embarrassing of all happened to me..:(
Well here it goes...
It was another beautiful
and we were in class..had a shape term paper...and was happy as honey-birds...
It was one of those moisture roomie..SL slips on the stairs and luckily me being next to her..hold on to her hand so that she just slips off one step and stop...
Then right after i step onto the next step...I slip...and fall...NNNOOOOO more like slide on my butt a whole staircase down to the lobby area...

Where are my faithful friends..Laughing hysterically at me from the top of the stair case...
and here i am..seated on the last step unable to get up because my butt hurts sooo bad...they remember...come dashing for my rescue..a little bit too around 50 Georgian student stop everything and stare at me...(Embarrassing..and i couldn't even get up..)and then comes my friend and they are tugging at help me get up..while i try to shoosh them away to see if my butt actually exists..:(..and finally i had to yell at them "Stop touching me" make them calm drew another set of it be noted that i'm still seated..
and after a huge effort i stand hurt BAD me..

And some other Sri Lankans who witnessed the whole spectacle..asked me giggling if i needed said thanks and took dearest roomie....who i blame solely for making me fall...(i lost my balance because i tried to save;)...)innocently offered to prepare steamed cloth to keep on the bruise...

and i still cant sit properly without wincing....
Now i know what i'm Allergic's Stair cases...:)

Watch where you climb...:)
God Bless...


  1. Gosh, You fell on your butt! aauu:O
    i hope your bottom is ok, if it's not i hope it gets better! waaaaa :S (awkward butt situation)

    I think it was very sweet of you to hurt your bottom cause for your friend!

    Any way missed you online, usually you are quick to comment, ne? :P How did the test papers ant the quizzes go? ahh and consider going to sleep early :P

    GOD bless

  2. Wow, thank goodness you didn't break something! :O Meshak and I love staircases, we take the stairs (climbing up and down 12 floors) all the time... Much better than getting stuck in that tin can elevator with 15 other people! ;) lol

    Hope you get well soon, put some ointment on the bruise? :)

  3. Me-shak - you have no idea it after you learn about the whole skeleton system of the you can kinda name the exact bone which
    totally awkward butt situuu..:)
    No worries...
    A'ced them all..:D happy yappy..
    Got easter holidays!!!yeppi

    Chavie - i know..that would be horrible..:)omg...really..i have to climb 7 floors twice a week..and that's like at 8.30 in the morning..and it feels
    i did..:(waiting to heal...

  4. 5 days and you apologise for being away for sometime? Seriously?
    And you said “shape” term paper?
    You ARE funny, I tell ya.

    Oh, BTW, I have added you to my blogroll. Love reading your crazily amusing posts.

  5. hehehe...well shape kinda turned out to be more than shape..hehehe..

    OMG..really???thanks alot..means alot..coming from you..:)