Saturday, March 6, 2010

Landlady/Apartment issues...;)

What an amateur i am in this..i was sooo sleepy the last time i posed that i completely for got to add a title...:S

Therefore that's the first thing i did...when i stared writing today...

Well these Observations are very random things that you see in a typical Georgian life but which can be utterly new to the eastern Sri Lankan mind....

Firstly our Landlady..she is utterly sweet and was thrilled to have girls living in her building that she failed to understand the fact that there are certain necessities for Sri Lankan girls which totally differ from a fully automatic washing water in the kitchen tap...A very good heater...and most importantly...a bide/hand shower in the toilet..She politely told us that she will get us a washing machine in 3 days..:S...disaster as for some of us....our allowed baggage clearance of 30kgs was not enough to bring in a lot of clothes along with winter jackets and a thundering 13kgs of books and not forgetting our beloved chutney,seeni-sambal,ambulthiyal,moju and cashewnuts from home...therefore obviously as yours truly and many others gave preference to the food and books...we had very limited amount of clothes...

then the next water..she must have expected our hands to be made out of wood because she pointed out that we dont need hot water in the kitchen, but later provided us with a pair of RUBBER gloves to use when washing dishes??:S..what about hands???

a heater..well she gave us one ...which was electric and reminded us that electricity is very expensive here and to use it only in the night...let me tell you that when she was explaining this to was mid morning..and after padding ourselves with triple layers of clothes and socks and jackets with the heater on we were still shivering...:)..and she was wearing a skirt and a found it very amusing that my hands were icy cold and told me that we will get used to it...hehehe..hopefully...

then the Toilet shower...well after many complains and grumblings by us...lots of Big Impossibles from the landlady...and solutions provided to us by her with plastic buckets and cups we flatly refused to live there anymore without the hand/bide shower in the toilet..i mean how could you right???then came our landlady's mother who was delighted to see us and stated a lot of sweet words in Georgian(well we hoped it was sweet things)and explained to us that NO Georgian house has Bide/Hand showers that they use toilet paper...BUT...we are Sri lankans...eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww..How could we wipe and stay like that right???after a whole week of torture and of our Georgian Speaking Sri Lankan Senior students found us a plummer who would fix something at least similar to that to our toilet...we owe him alot..
And finally that issue was solved but that also only gives cold water...sooo you can imagine the mornings...:S...but yet somethings better than nothing right...

well theres more to ...the Chronicals of Georgia...:)


  1. Welcome to Lankanosphere Penny, I can’t believe you too went to Georgia with seeni sambol and chutney..! LOL.
    Well, all I know is that Georgia is a beautiful country, with even more beautiful women... well, at least the ones I knew were very pretty. ;)

    Good luck with your student life and looking forward to more posts from Georgia...

  2. hey,,,,
    thanks alot..
    I am glad and excited about being here... sometimes being Sri Lankan has it's indigenous points..;)
    well you got that part right...beautiful placeand beautiful people...cant wait for the spring and summer..:)