Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Back...

sooo here i am after quite an interval...
as i was telling about me making all the big decisions in my life i would have failed to mention that i am now away from home...

it has been more than a week in this beautiful eastern europian country in which i have been enjoying immensely the diversity and the difference if the south and the east of the globe..
(Drum Roll)
i'm now living in Georgia...
not Georgia of the united states but the Georgia which formally belonged to the Soviet Union..

and i will be here for quite awhile...:(

but after being here for almost a week and a half i began to understand that i am quite flexible to the surrounding and have even developed a sudden weakness for KachaPuri(Cheese bread).

well it is the most famous bread in here and kind of the well...a full time student has to watch out when it comes to finances right???

the first week was spent about by sS walking in the city, navigating the roads and the metro (YES...They do have the ride here...:D)and also locating the apartment, the market, general bazaar, church etc.

then came the horrendous communicating issue as the older generation of Georgia only understand GEORGIAN or RUSSIAN...and NOT A WORD OF was all about guesswork and sign language and by now i have become the resident expert in communicating with Georgians....I call it all pure luck;)

well I've got loads more to tell about the life here...
and loads of memories to document and i want to keep typing..
But my conscience is really bothering me about the LONG day i have ahead tomorrow...

sooo take care..
God Bless..


  1. Do put up some pictures of georgia. Have heard of the beauty of the city. Happy blogging