Thursday, March 18, 2010

A little more about ME/US...

ok...sooo i have been posting alot of wonder stories about our many adventures..but i have never formally introduced all of us to you...

there are four of in a dear little apartment in the Beautiful Country called Georgia..for those who are not very good in Geography it's bordering the Black sea near Turkey and Russia...
There is CP...the big akki...Then there is SG...alsooo an akki..:)Then finally my roomie SL..and yours truly Penny...
Well we are a very happy little family who always try to live very quiet and responsible lives!!!lol...
The things that happen to us on a daily basis is really intersting soo i thought i would jot down a few for you all soo that you might get a wiff of all our personalities...
For an instance it's spring here now....but it's skin biting cold for the 4 of us since we,hail from the tropical paradise and have to bundle ourselves daily to go to uni when all the Georgian students come with stockings and jackets..:)
Once SL...was in such a hurry to get to uni as we were running late ...she just walked three stories down before she realised that she was still wearing her Bata Slippers....
Then there is CP who tends to take around 15 mins to really wake up after a nap..spilt Milk Powder on her BLACK denims one moring and didnt realise it untill we almost stepped out of the house..non-of us wanted to know how her milk tasted like that
Then CP again yelled "COLD...WHOAAAAAAA"..when the water was emiting steam and was burning Hot...:)
Then there is SG who loads songs on youtube daily and plays and dances when we then she also puts on the headset when we are studying so that she wont disturb us but sings Songs so loudly and she doesn't think that it disturbs us...
Then there is yours truly...ME...i am like the most sensible of the't finish up the stock of chocolates...who dosen't fall asleep with open eyes during lectures and who doesn't seem to have this uncanny ability to make Very young boys fall for her...vice;)
Then there was also the time when the sun was shinning bright one morning and yours truly suggested that we leave our jackets behind and go to uni in sweaters for was great...reminded us sooo much of home and the loving warmath of the sun...and we enjoyed the warmath for precisly half an hour at uni before the Sun dissapeared and the Cold heaved over us...after a Cold Teeth chattering lecture with joined stares and mumblings from all my flatmates we all dashed back home to get our jackets during our 10min.break during
As in today...after having Quizzes the whole week we all came home to sleep..and we all jumped on to the beds and cocooned ourselves in our belovad flowery quilts...and fell into...deep sleeps...then Rings an annoying phone..i drag myself out of Bed cursing the caller..and pick up the line to a Georgian speaking caller who just mutters..and i just listen..tell him i dnt understand a word he is saying and keep the soon as i reach the bed the Phone rings know how annoying that is...right when your really sleepy..then my roomie offers to pick up the phone and she drags herself out while i snuggle in...same we are both mad..and we refused to walk back to the phone again..and the Phone rings answer..i pull the quilt up with ditermination..with no reason whatevr to answer the call...then i can here CP..cursing and dragging herself out of the bed to answer the phone...and as sleepy as she was...she answers the phone with.."HELLO...who is speaking here..." listens...slams the phone..comes back...leaves the receiver off the hook and walks off....the annoying noise comes from the phone...she walks in...and wripps the phone cord off...and heads off to
well since we are a very unpredictable lot it seems like the Georgia as well is adapting to i was posting about Spring Flowers once and told you that NOW is supposed to be the spring..Well IT SNOWED...!!!!

Typical right???
be good...
God Bless..:)


  1. Shaaa, Ela post! You write really well!

    Sounds like you have a rocking set of friends!

    One of my good friends is heading over there, to study medicine later this year.

    GOD bless

  2. Sounds like one happy family! :D I am blessed with some awesome friends at uni too... (Meshak is the awesome-est out of them! lol) Really makes the boring lectures fun and bearable! hehe ;D

  3. Thanks alot Me-shak..(blush..blush..)the discovery of me...goes to one of my frinds who said i should try my hand at blogging..:)
    i doo..and they keep me alive and happy always...
    are you serious??that's great!!that means he should be coming to my uni!!!wink..wink..

    Chavie....i know what you mean...if it weren't for them you wouldn't know how you would spend every passing second in this insane world right???aaaaaaaaaawwwww..lucky you guys!!!me a bit jelous..;)lol...

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  5. Interesting blog! looks like you are surrounded by a great bunch of friends. :D

  6. I can't imagine how much fun it must be living away fromh home like this, you have gotten the opportunity to do what a lot of us wish we were able to do ( ie : leave home and live in a far away country with fun roommates and attend college etc). Darn, i wish i had the chance to do this, i love the tone of optimsm... :)

  7. Kirigalpoththa...!!! you came...thanks for dropping by...i am...and i love them to pieces:D

    Hi again...Dandelion..
    Well..we all miss home so much..i guess it's just that the three of us feel so much at ease with each other and all..i know..i'm very privileged...
    i wish you all the very best!!!it's never too late for anything in life oki??:D

  8. The way you write is so cute! :)

  9. Sabby - aaaaaaaaawwwwww..thanks alot..

    Serendib_isle - ..;)thanks again...