Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre Surprise party!!! episode 1

Ok..sooo i'm going to update you all on how my big surprise party for SL, my everloving Rommie went...
too much details sooo here goes the 1st episode...

Well it is Really hard to organize a surprise birthday party for you roommtae...especially when she sleeps right across the room from you...shares the same kitchen...same bathroom...same living room...same study room..and Same classes at uni...ungh..hehehe

But yet..i was determined to make this happen..frankly because she is one of those people with an extra-ordinarily big heart...and also because she puts up with me...:)

well it started as a master plan from me...we wanted to throw an afternoon tea party for her...One easy thing was that she was the only Buddhist in our apartment and had to spend long Sunday mornings alone while we wen to church..and these were the times when the master planning took place...

And your's truly wanted to invite almost all the Sri lankans we knew over here...sometimes being away from home and from the people you always felt safe with can drain the life out of yours truly wanted to make it a special day for all...especially for SL...

and we started off...figured that our tiny pockets were not enough to feed a bunch of VERY hungry students and we set about asking everyone to contribute...willingly only...and made sure that everyone knew that it was a surprise

well smaties as our batch-mates can know they find the most suitable times time to come and toss money at you with weird know like right in front of SL's face..and she's like why is he/she giving you money..and as panicking as CP can get..she goes speechless..i have to mutter something and distract giving fake excuses saying that that certain boy has a crush on CP and gave her a note or lame right...)but it worked...

And then there was all the Sunday shopping we had to do...right after church..telling SL that since it's like the lent-season..there are loads of special stuff happening..then with the help of two malli's we went her a gift...after making the boys cry out loud and exclaiming that they would never go shopping with on we have to be kinda choosy and go for the best right...ironically it was them who found the perfect gift for SL..:D..guys have their lucky moments..

Then it was ordering the a bakery...Two huge cakes to feed 50 hungry-suger-loving mouths...the bakers was Georgian speaking...:(and we spent a whole hour sigh-languaging and point make them understand our requirement...but finally we succeeded...with crossed fingers...:)

Then the menu...nothing fancy just hot-dogs, burgers,(home-made), biscuits, chocolate and Date tarts...and lots of pepsi,lemon miranda and apple soda...

shopping for sausages, burger fillings, tomatoes, onions, biscuits lead us back to wagsal...and SG,CP and we were accompanied by the two catholic malli's to wagsal..
we entered the chocolate area..and came across one stall which had good stuff...
Let me tell you that i'm into the tiny a height of only 5 feet and No inches(Big sigh) and the malli's were a thundering 6 feet..and as we were gaily chatting while choosing the chocs...the stall owner..(a woman) came up to us and asked in intelligible Georgian..if we were in girlfriend and boyfriend... embarrassed i instantly answered "Araa"(No in Georgian to the amused smiles of the rest of the Paradise clan)...then she asked if we were MARRIED!!!omg...hehehe...i freaked out like majorly..then the other malli came for my rescue..then the woman approached our 6 footer and smiled...FED him a chocolate...eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww..and another woman in another stall came up to him and showed the stall owner and gave a thumbs up...i freaked out and ran to the next stall while the boys enjoyed the hospitality..yucky....the woman must be around 40yrs...and then she asked if the two Boys were Gay..:S...and was happy to realize they were not...and then later SG, CP and i found ourselves dragging the boys out of that stall....and bursting out laughing..:D

then there was all those fake masses which CP and i went for in the form of shopping for buns..Omg...lieing during lent was going to make me end up my own special kind of a hell..:)..i comforted my self saying that it was all for a good cause..:P

Then there was all the times when we use to have cryptic phone convo's with other students...and asking them to come explain the situations...
the secret meetings in the kitchen and living room when SL has gone to take a wash or sleeping..
The horrible slip-ups by SG and CP who got horrendous stares and kicking from me...hehe..

Finally SL thinking we are cornering her and being sad the whole day before the actual event...and CP comforting us saying..just one=more day and she will be happy...:)

The cricket-matches we went which all the boys surrounded me...bugged me..(acted like it)to get more info....

And finally a cricket match falling on the very day evening..:(
what too do..we cannot shift it to a morning as no-one would get it was scheduled to begin at 8PM..after match and Thursday mass..:(
Thanks to the boys who dealt and took responsibility in dropping all the girls home was planned..after much heated arguments between all of us...

to be continued!!!

God Bless..


  1. And then??? Haha, you really do know how to keep the reader in suspense Penny! :D And boys always find good gifts fast, it's one of our built-in abilities! ;) lol

    Can't wait to find out what happened next! :D Write soon!

  2. Good one.. waiting for the part 2 :D

  3. Machan! i have been helping to organize lots of surprises these days! super stuff!
    nothing more fulfilling than that!
    Looking forward to part 2:D


  4. Chavie - hehehe..wrote soon for you..:)hope you like that comments chavie...

    Kirigalpoththa - Thanks..:D

    Me-shak - "Machan"..hehehehe...i you such a happy feeling from inside right...hi5...:D