Monday, May 31, 2010

And so i dream...:)

We all have dreams. We all have our fantasies. In a world full of harsh truths and harsh realities it is my escape in to this dream world that keeps me going and makes my hopes and ambitions seem achievable and accomplish-able.

This is a dream which a friend of mine and i dreamed with nothing but innocent intentions, and to us it turned out to be magical.

We dream of achieving ambitions. I a Neuro-surgeon. He a Pediatric-Surgeon. Both to be successful. Both to be the best in the field and both to be respectable and world renowned. And innocently as it may seem we dream of one day being super rich..:)

I want to wear only designer clothes. Go shopping to Paris. Buy myself a Merc. or a BMW SUV. Travel the world, travel business class and dine at the greatest restaurants in the world.

He wants to tailor exclusively. Buy all the techno gadgets. Buy himself a Merc..(professional looking one). Wants to spend money and live luxuriously.

I want to get married one-day...I think...i'm still deciding..:P

He clearly wants to get married at the age between 27yrs to 30yrs. Though he is sure it will have to be his parents choice because he has no belief in falling in Love with a girl like that to get married..:D..weird right???

And we dream together. And at sometimes our dreams collide and we feel comfortable just to let it stay collided and build it along.

We dream of a dream house with Dogs. Hopefully Labs or Golden Retrievers.

We dream of lovely, cute kids. He wants a baby girl like me. I want a baby Boy as adorable, lovable yet naughty like him.

We dream of waking up together in the morning. He first. Morning hug...a kiss..and he volunteers to make the tea and milk while i snuggle up and sleep more...;)

He comes..wakes me up. We drink tea and fall back on the bed to talk.Just talk. To just Hug and watch how nature just miraculously gives light to the world. How each ray of sun reflects on the trees, the flowers, dew drops. How the rays touches his face. How the light shines on my skin. A moment that is truly ours to drink in and enjoy before the rush of a hectic life engulfs us.

The kids run in and jumps on our bed. Demands his attention and mine and so we pour them all our love, drowning them with thousands of hugs and kisses. Teasing them, tickling them and listening to the ringing of their joyful laughter in our ears and with secret looks at each other being thankful to God and each other for making our lives this perfect.

We spoke that we are not going to be perfect. I told him that i'm going to be all cranky in the morning with messy hair and swollen puffy ugly eyes. He who has seen me all sleepy before said that i look cute and adorable. And he said that if he gets mad that it's going to be hard for me. I agreed that i will hug him tight until he calms down, and we were happy.

We figured that in every way we will be okay with each other. I mean just perfect for each other. Well that's all that matters right????

I told him that since i'm short and a bit chubby that i wont look that great, but he calls me pretty.

He is tall and bigger compared to the tiny me and i find it awesome.

He wants to show me off to his friends. Being the most perfect husband so that my friends will be jealous of me. Yet he dreams of being faithful to only me and i smile at the memory and enjoy it.

I dream of all the moods that i might get into. All the fights that we might have.

But i know that we will be totally alright. I know that we will bug each other. I will get bugged and he will act like he gets bugged. I know that we will learn together. we will learn from each other. Me from his extensive Brain Power. He from my Work- Attitude. I know that we will have animated conversations and that we will never run out of things to talk. ...from friends to hobbies..going on to subjects of intense study.

We know that we can always be ourselves with each other. Share a drink. Share a toast for our fulfilled life. And we would always see each other for who we are.

He dreams of buying me stuff. Anything and everything and i know that he will take care of me and that i can trust him.

I dream of being all that he wants me to be. But then again i don't have to change a thing. i am who he dreams of me to be.

Lastly he tells me that he will treat me like a princess. If i was his and i know he will. And i want to be treated like that someday.

With him i know that i will be his equal..intellectually, academically and spiritually. Isn't that what every girl dreams of???

He tells me that he loves me to death and i tell him the same and we both know that it's the honest truth.

And so we wonder together what God was thinking by bringing me 2 years before him and him 2 years after me.

I guess he has better plans for us. But yet we wonder why????
Wouldn't it be perfect???

And so i dream...:)

God Bless...
Smile Always...:D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Really Random...:)

It's 3am...
and i should be pouring over my books right now...
but i'm really tired...and kinda hate the human lower limbs a bit..

I know that it was my choice to study int this field...
I know..i love the sciences...
i know that i knew that it was not going to be easy...
i know that my mother constantly reminded me of the difficulty in the field...

Well all in all
I'm loving what i'm doing..
And i love the people I've met...people like me...who all share a common interest..
and who like me...have left.. sacrificed a much easier and better life to come here and study what we love..
No pain ..No gain right..

But these exams...
Are like never ending..
We have like credits every-other week..
Quizzes daily...
And not just one Mid term paper as i hoped...
But another one...
And to top it all..semester end exams are coming up in a Month...

See now you know why i am cranky...hehehe...
What i need right now is a nice tub of choco-chip ice-cream and a two hour nap...and get up and bury myself in my books again..
Hope i get up...fingers crossed...if not i'm like totally

Love life and Live Life right...:D
Got soo much plans for my life...:)
Will post about it soon...

Keep Smiling..
God Bless...:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aurudu Party..:D

lol..i know that this is like really overdue...But this is one party, that i have to tell you guys about...

As you all know by now we are all trying to celebrate each Birthday/festival together as one family as it is like the only time we get to breath freely and to be ourselves and go crazy....:)

We wanted to celebrate Aurudu on a grand scale...(in our know..low budget student pocket size..)..Frankly because we were soo jealous of our friends and families who constantly reminded us via Skype and Facebook about how well everything is going back at home ...preparations for the festive season...:(in true Sri Lankan style...

It was also a birthday of one of our friends so with the combination...we decided to celebrate it with real mixed style...The Muslim and Tamil girls got together to make Laddu and i headed off to the B day girls apartment to help with the preparations over there.

Three rice cookers with kilo's and kilo's of rice were washed and plugged to make milk rice...

I helped with the cutting of onions.Another girl and i cut around 4 kilo's of HUGE, SMARTING,RUDE onions that made us cry an amazon...sniff... sniff...

We made 3 Huge plates full of Milk rice. A ton of Lunu Miris and Milk toffee..not to forget cutlets and sandwiches..(very western i know...but we have really limited resources...)and finally the Birthday Cake...nope we didn't make that..wanted to..but the Birthday Girl flatly refused to risk it on us..who were all first time cake bakers...:P

After laboring for 3 hours cooking, burning hands..applying toothpaste..crying over onions, slipping and falling..(can you guess who that was....wink..wink..)aching backs and hands...and many comparisons over enhanced biceps..we were finally ready...:)

Ready with a full table of lovely food...
Milk rice and lunu miris.. cutlets and sandwiches..milk toffee and cake..laddu and samosa..
Now doesn't that sound heavenly...:P

The boys arrived equipped with Laptops and a mini sub-woofer system..(that is what i was told it was..) from God knows where and amazing music...

Let the party Begin...:D

Firstly after a drooling funny slow version of "Happy Birthday"..we all dug into the yummy Cake..which had lovely Red jelly bubbles on top and as you can guess everyone wanted a piece with jelly on it...
And i didn't get one...:(

When i sadly exclaimed this around 10 people offered me bites from theirs and i tell you..lucky me...i'm sure i ate the most amount of jelly...:)))))

The cutting and serving of the Milk rice followed..everyone made a ritual to pose for a picture and then feed everyone present with a piece of milk rice exclaiming "Suba Aluth Auruddak Wewa"..Happy New year...

by the time we were planning on serving individual plates we were all

Laddu was heavenly...Samosa Divine...Milktoffee like nectar and to sum it all...everything was perfect...:D

Well then there was a second cake which the boys have brought and suddenly before we know what was happening..i got a slap of icing across my face...and a remarkable cake fight began..:))))
there were people slapping people.. strangling people.tripping them over... just to apply some icing on their
Wasn't it a really messy way to have fun...Just like BOYS...:@..hehehe

After cleaning ourselves and the BIG mess we played a more decent version of "Spin the bottle"...

I being the most responsible and trustworthy..(AHAMMMM)person amongst all..i was fatefully given the responsibility of spinning the bottle.

Mind you i didn't know that Spin the bottle was a very unholy teenage game..:S where you had to go kiss the person who the bottle directed you towards..yuckkkkkkkkkkk..:S when i exclaimed that i have no idea about it..people were like How old are you??12yrs???:S..seriously did you know about it???no right????:)

Then it was play time..who ever got the bottle pointed at them had to to do what the others dared them to do...childish i know...but still it was fun..:) well there followed many embarrassing moments of people imitation each other,licking the floor..eeeeeeewwwww, tickling people into tears..singing of impossibly high pitched songs and i being soo lucky had to give a Georgian kiss to a malli..who went Red in the face starting from the tips of his ears..which was soo sweet yet hilarious..

Then we had music..since my friends place had like a super Huge Hall..we put on loud music..dimmed the lights and put on our dancing shoes..and danced like Mad..:P Many hidden talents were revealed and we all for the first time sweat-ed and was glad and hyper about it...
Door bell rang once..friendly Land lady asking to reduce the volume of the music..We turned it down for like 10 minutes..hehehhe..door bell rings for the second time...asking not to jump on the floor..we were ok with it..Door bell rings for the third time asking to Stop a very angry

Then we had ice-cream mind you it was 1am..and we started singing songs...
Halfway through we realized that we have lectures the next day.And none of us were it was so windy at that time that opening a door was even out of the question...:S

So here we were stranded on New years Morning at our friends place...35 of us....soo we decided to keep on singing till it was time to go...

3am...we were still waiting....The wind was making evil noises but looked like it was finally us...

Now we were all really tired!!!:(..sleepy with milkrice filled tummies... exhausted with dancing and sooo horse with all the singing and shouting...:(

I had Anatomy credits the next day..:(While the others were chatting i pulled out a friends Grey's Anatomy and started reading it...Not because of anything but because i honestly dont want to fall in to my lectures Bad books...she is scaryyyyyyyyyyyy..:(

Then finally at 5am we decided to risk it all and leave. with many sleepy good byes at the auspicious time of 5.10am ...which was when the New Year Dawned ..we all stepped out into the skin-biting wind to go home ..Call Paradise...and have a long chat with our parents, family and loved ones...

Now that's what i call celebrating New Years in a real cultural you???;)

God Bless
Happy Smiles..:)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Silent Celebration...:D

ok...i have been away for soooo long..
I missed THIS alooooot...
I missed writing...i missed looking forward to following my favoutite blogs and mostly i missed all of your company...:)

All major exams over..some were tough and some tougher than we expected...But i know that i did just fine..:)..yeppiiiii

1 more exam on monday but i couldn't wait that long to unleash all the things i have stored in my tiny brain and put it on digital

So...i'm writing this seated on the stairway to our apartment...enjoying the calm after the storm of lousy exams...and today is LOVELY..because it is Sunshiney and Warm...:D

Well New Discoveries....

There is a Christened "Bo" tree near our apartment.Well not exacly an actual "Bo" tree, but obviously some lookalike tree which we discovered and renamed ...

I am an awesome cook...hehehehe...i have now advanced from cooking macaroni and cheese to cooking delicious chicken, fish, curries, dhal, cabbage, salads, name it and i can find a way to make it edible...;)

Made friends with the Ice Cream Uncle. Who is adorable and in-exchange for being sooo sweet to us we have now become sooo adicted to Ice Cream that we buy almost daily..

Made friends with Puri (Bread) Uncle..who very specificaly told ME that if we girls manage to finish 2 pounds of Bread per meal that we are going to be FAT....sniff..sniff...But still we buy problem is why did he tell ME i really putting on weight???:'(..

Strawberries - Freash, Juicey, Yummy, Lovely strawberries...fresh from the orchards..for which i am now officially in Love with...:D

Speaking of Love..i think i now have a super serious crush on Justin know that it's like major cradle-snatching..but still isn't he just Adorable...(drooools)..:P

Found a Channing Tatum lookalike at Uni..when i was studying in the library.Being nerdy sure does have it's advantageous moments..YEAH...!!!!

Made friends with some Indians and also got to know later that they had other interests in me...ooopsss...sorry boys...that chapter in my life is closed for the moment....

Well now as the Icy cold breeze finally numbs my fingers i realise that i have been staring non-stop at a Geogian boy who is playing football with his dog, for like the past 5 minutes and he is giving Me weird looks...:S

I take this as a sign..pick up my shoes..slip them on...button up my jacket...type the final lines to head back into the apartment...but maybe I would go grab myself a Chocochip Ice Cream celebration of being Back!!!
Cheers to all..;)

Sending my love,
Smile People...
God Bless...:D

p.s. the guy with Dog is HOT when you come to think of

Saturday, May 1, 2010