Monday, March 15, 2010

Eventful is not the word!!!...:)

So..people say when i'm around it's never boring..because unlike some blessed people who have the grace to lead peaceful lives...mine is sooooo unpredictable and very very very ....hehehe..why dont you come up with a name after you read this...

Well since we were gonna be having quizzes the whole week i was up till 3.30am pouring over the books...therefore as i'm the only one who usually hear all 4 alarms go off in the house and since i was dog tired, we all overslept...One of my roommates calmly got up around 8am and screamed...
We have lectures at 9am....Yikes!!!

So we all rushed about...I went off to boil the milk and take the chocolate went off to make breakfast and two rushed to brush teeth...after screaming at the bathroom door at one an another we managed to brush,wash,change and eat all by 8.40am...i call it an achievement...

Then half ran to Uni..thank God it's just a 10 min walk away....
After having a enjoyable Georgian lesson first..we were exclaimed to be "Karthia Shweli"(Good Childern) by the teacher..and she said she loved Sri Lankan students as they are very points isn't it....

Then we had a very boring general which we had to cover for a boy saying that the reason he was missing throughout the lecture was because he was in the Toilet..:P..when he went home to sleep as he had a very late the lecturer actually believed us...:D

Then during the break me and one of my flatmates ran out of the classroom on a very important bathroom emergency..and searched unsuccessfully on 2 multiple floors for bathrooms..and finally decided to ask some Georgian Students for with my best Sri Lankan smile i went up to her and asked in half sign/half English...where the bathroom was and they giggled and pointed up and walked away...we were lost!!!lol...count on us to go and ask some NON-English speaking Georgian students the way to the friend suggested that we yell.."Suchie Gogo"(Bad Girl-in Georgian)and run off...But we opted for the safer method of just walking back to class with half-sad smiles..

After the lecture me and my said friend dashed into the next building to head to the only toilet we knew and was stranded at a toilet with a broken as one did the job the other had to turn her back and hold the door closed...why???why???why??meeeeeeeee....:S

then after another quiz at the next class in which we all did pretty well thanks to the late nights we pulled off the weekend.we headed home...One exclaimed loudly that it was bedtime for her..while the other three of us battled all the way home for a turn in the bathroom for a Nice Hot Water Bath...
Can you guess what we found when we got home???

NO WATER again...ughhhh this city!!!! and their main export is mineral of my furious flatmates insisted that the Georgian Government was cutting our water to export water!!!...does it even make sense???lol..

Then i settled into type away my notes for the day and the others headed into their own worlds for awhile..when suddenly we hear a gushing noise..from the Kitchen...and....WHOA.....
After yelling to see if anyone switched the washing machine friend went in and yelled...

Our Bathroom was flooding...water supply has been restored with so much pressure that our Hand/Bide Shower was split and blasting...

And since i was fully wired in a jacket...and jeans..i volunteered to get drenched in the freezing water to go solve the problem... while i rolled my jean legs up...i asked my other friend to zip off my jacket...and do you know what she did...she tried to pull off the jacket UNZIPPED off my head...i understand that she was excited!!!but it's my head...and while i was yelling to her to let me go...and having a neck wrestle another friend jumped in and tied the connection... this time with the jacket off..finally ..i jumped into help pull out rugs full of water...these world war 2 building are so old that if water leaks on the floor the neighbor below gets a bath of their own..
so..can you believe it..we used all the carpets in the house to soak up the water...hehehehe...just a split second idea by one of us..and we dont know who's it ruining the carpets and calling on the neighbors to apologize...and our landlady to complain..
we set about trying to dry the place as much as we could before our landlady arrives...
cute son or not...this was going to get us so busted...

then one with a vacuum cleaner and one with a hair dryer, we crammed ourselves around the toilet...drying the place...yuckyy right???but trust me the dryer really works and then we had to sacrifice one of our dining serviettes to wipe the water off the walls and the toilet seat cover...:D

I thought these timely adventures happened only in movies...but since i'm involved..i tell you these things tend to always happen to
then after laughing ourselves out...and getting scolded in mixed English and Georgian by our landlady who thinks we purposely broke the Pipe???i mean why would we do that...right???with our hearts a bit wounded we thought that was time that we are so going to get kicked out...

But since by some luck out Landlady loves us or something....she said that we are forgiven and sent the plummer over to fix the problem..i mean it was not our fault even,,,,stupid water pressure..but try explaining that to a women who hardly speaks any English...

I guess she felt sorry for i tried my best to explain to her that we would never let the water leak if we could help it..that she finally turned to me and said ...

"I give you my Son LUKA's call him if anything happens...He come and Help you...Yes??" can i say NO to that...Number of the cute son is almost worth all the ruined

so i innocently replied..."Madhu Loba Eka"(Thank you Eka)

And lead her out of the turn back to the mesmerized utterly surprised expressions of my flatmates...which obviously asked the same question..."How on earth did you do that just now"...

Well what can i say..i'm just one of a kind of a person...if you know what i mean...;)

Smile always,
Every Dark Cloud has a Silver Lining....
God Bless..


  1. Hahaha, I dunno what to call your life? Adventurous?! lol :D

    You guys always seem to get into the most awkward situations and get out of it fine! Kudos on the quick thinking, the last thing you needed was the guy downstairs getting a bath! Aaand you managed to get the boy's number also! Is that awesomeness or what?! hahaha :D

    Btw, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly are you guys learning over there? :)

  2. I started feeling awkward after reeding! I once tried to cover up for my friend with the same reason, but I couldn't help laughing, and eventually she found out!

    You better write a post about the call you gave to the boy =P

    Excellent stuff!

    GOD bless
    Cheers :D

  3. Chavie-aiyooo..hehehe i have no idea what to call my
    i know seems like the lucky stars are still shinning for us...hoping the luck will stand out for longer...
    i knowwwww..i just dnt know it happend???

    you wanna know what we study here???lol...wanna take a guess???

    Me-shak-are you serious??hehehe well you have to be super serious!!!;)and proberbly if you were a girl also it would have been more convincing...:D...
    That's like major Bala Aparada nuh??hehehe..sound advice you give nuh???

    thanx...FOR READING both of you...:)

  4. Hi, i've been enjoying reading your blog. Just thought you should know :). Its so fun to read and your style of writing is cute and very lankan :). & I get to be a part of your experience. Just thought you should know your blog is appreciated. God Bless ~

  5. hey Dandelion...

    Thanks a million for dropping by...and the feedback was much appreciated!!!:) and here i was all moody coz i thought people didn't like my blog..thanx again...come visit soon:D

    God Bless!!!

  6. Penny, just saw your last comment about people not liking your blog! Don't worry too much about commenters man, they'll come in droves eventually. (When I started out some of my first posts had no comments at all... But IMO you write much better than n00b old me! hehe) :D

  7. heyyyyyyyyyyyy...Chavie..

    aaaaaaaawwwwww..thanx alot for giving me wise old advice...hehehehe

    Big Hug.:)
    And the sun is shining for me again..:)

  8. Penny, you cheeky one! I can’t help with this grin on my face – you posts are funny and captivating. Stories well told.

    Well done. ;)

  9. hehehe..thanks...well the things that happen to me are..soo unbelievable..thats the key..;)