Thursday, May 6, 2010

Silent Celebration...:D

ok...i have been away for soooo long..
I missed THIS alooooot...
I missed writing...i missed looking forward to following my favoutite blogs and mostly i missed all of your company...:)

All major exams over..some were tough and some tougher than we expected...But i know that i did just fine..:)..yeppiiiii

1 more exam on monday but i couldn't wait that long to unleash all the things i have stored in my tiny brain and put it on digital

So...i'm writing this seated on the stairway to our apartment...enjoying the calm after the storm of lousy exams...and today is LOVELY..because it is Sunshiney and Warm...:D

Well New Discoveries....

There is a Christened "Bo" tree near our apartment.Well not exacly an actual "Bo" tree, but obviously some lookalike tree which we discovered and renamed ...

I am an awesome cook...hehehehe...i have now advanced from cooking macaroni and cheese to cooking delicious chicken, fish, curries, dhal, cabbage, salads, name it and i can find a way to make it edible...;)

Made friends with the Ice Cream Uncle. Who is adorable and in-exchange for being sooo sweet to us we have now become sooo adicted to Ice Cream that we buy almost daily..

Made friends with Puri (Bread) Uncle..who very specificaly told ME that if we girls manage to finish 2 pounds of Bread per meal that we are going to be FAT....sniff..sniff...But still we buy problem is why did he tell ME i really putting on weight???:'(..

Strawberries - Freash, Juicey, Yummy, Lovely strawberries...fresh from the orchards..for which i am now officially in Love with...:D

Speaking of Love..i think i now have a super serious crush on Justin know that it's like major cradle-snatching..but still isn't he just Adorable...(drooools)..:P

Found a Channing Tatum lookalike at Uni..when i was studying in the library.Being nerdy sure does have it's advantageous moments..YEAH...!!!!

Made friends with some Indians and also got to know later that they had other interests in me...ooopsss...sorry boys...that chapter in my life is closed for the moment....

Well now as the Icy cold breeze finally numbs my fingers i realise that i have been staring non-stop at a Geogian boy who is playing football with his dog, for like the past 5 minutes and he is giving Me weird looks...:S

I take this as a sign..pick up my shoes..slip them on...button up my jacket...type the final lines to head back into the apartment...but maybe I would go grab myself a Chocochip Ice Cream celebration of being Back!!!
Cheers to all..;)

Sending my love,
Smile People...
God Bless...:D

p.s. the guy with Dog is HOT when you come to think of


  1. Your posts always make me go "Awwww!" Penny! You're such a sweet person! :)

    Glad to know that you did well in the exams, and good to have you back! :D We missed you!

    Hey if you're an awesome cook, and you're addicted to ice cream, aaaand you're eating 2 pounds of bread... maybe it's time to start working out a bit! :D Maybe you should get friendly with that kid who's playing football and join him for a game. Football's a wonderful workout, and think about it: you'd never get tired, right? ;) hehehe

    Waiting to hear more from you in the coming days Penny! :D

  2. Aww.. no fair..! I want those yummy ice creams and bread too! *sniff* *sniff*.. lol

    So good to see such a hyped up cheerful post Penny. ^__^ I'm so happy for you.. but at the same time you certainly made us drool.. and yearn for those yummy food over there. hehe..

    oh by the way good to hear your exams are almost over. Awaiting holidays? And nice to be surrounded by crushes too.. lol

    I don't like Justin dude for some odd reason, and haven't heard of the other dude either but if it's all time cute teen sensations.. I'm still in favor of this cute dude. =D I'm a big fan of Yama-chan's acting and singing.. which is unrivaled. ^__^

    Coming back to you.. and the football playing doggy and dude.. like Chavie says, go for a game or two.. so you can keep eating all you want and work out and burn the excess fats. ^__^

  3. Where were you :@
    looking for you all the time :D
    Even I had exams and now only getting some time to lift my head. Very nice, ohoma kawoth mata wada mahath wei :D lol

    Sirata, play some ball :D

    Looking forward for more. I hope the exams were all good :D GOD bless.


  4. Chavie - awwww to see you comment like missed you too...hehehe..ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT CHAVIE???..well may be i should...but then can never trust these Georgie boys...;)

    Harumi - great to hear from you again...:)Thanks a million...and alsooo..i think that cute boy of your's is utterly heartbreakingly sweet...hi5..Well if you head over here...i will deffinietly take you around..and stuff you with all the yummy food...:)the football playing...i will seriously

    Me-shak - hehehe...are you kinda mad at me???hehehe..i know...Big Relief right.. Lousy exams...WHATS WRONG WITH YOU AND CHAVIE...:(..sniff are both calling me
    God Bless..

    Crystal flame - Thank you...:)

  5. Welcome back! Best of luck for today's paper too :)

  6. come on he is cuteeeeeeeee..:P