Sunday, May 23, 2010

Really Random...:)

It's 3am...
and i should be pouring over my books right now...
but i'm really tired...and kinda hate the human lower limbs a bit..

I know that it was my choice to study int this field...
I know..i love the sciences...
i know that i knew that it was not going to be easy...
i know that my mother constantly reminded me of the difficulty in the field...

Well all in all
I'm loving what i'm doing..
And i love the people I've met...people like me...who all share a common interest..
and who like me...have left.. sacrificed a much easier and better life to come here and study what we love..
No pain ..No gain right..

But these exams...
Are like never ending..
We have like credits every-other week..
Quizzes daily...
And not just one Mid term paper as i hoped...
But another one...
And to top it all..semester end exams are coming up in a Month...

See now you know why i am cranky...hehehe...
What i need right now is a nice tub of choco-chip ice-cream and a two hour nap...and get up and bury myself in my books again..
Hope i get up...fingers crossed...if not i'm like totally

Love life and Live Life right...:D
Got soo much plans for my life...:)
Will post about it soon...

Keep Smiling..
God Bless...:)


  1. It's really good to see someone doing what they love. That is absolutely correct. It's all hard work, no matter what it is. I believe when some one does what they love and love what they do they excel in life far more faster than the "IO, mata baa" ones. You go girl. I'm sure you have figured everything out. All the best with the exams. Looking forward to hear about your dreams and ambitions.


  2. wow and I thought I had it hard.

    Totally agree with Me-Shak.

  3. Aww poor you.. sounds really tough. But if you really love what you're doing, I'm sure you can hang in there and do your best in everything.

    Good luck! ^__^

  4. Wow... I guess that Medical students and Architecture students have it the hardest. But you're good at what you do, and most importantly you enjoy it, so hang in there! :)

    All the best for the future, and let me point you at Half Doctor, who's a medical student who's just out of medical school. Thought you might find his blog interesting. :)

  5. Me-shak - Thank you soo much...blush..blush..i'm not that great ok...just trying to do what i love...will post soon...

    Welcome to Boredom - Dont we all have it tough...hey read your posts...loved them..why cant i comment???

    Harumi - Thank you as always!!!hugs...:D

    Chavie - i guess they's just that the fields are soooo vast...Thank you Chavie..encouragement and a bunch of friends is all i need right now..
    Thank you..will check it out..:)