Monday, May 31, 2010

And so i dream...:)

We all have dreams. We all have our fantasies. In a world full of harsh truths and harsh realities it is my escape in to this dream world that keeps me going and makes my hopes and ambitions seem achievable and accomplish-able.

This is a dream which a friend of mine and i dreamed with nothing but innocent intentions, and to us it turned out to be magical.

We dream of achieving ambitions. I a Neuro-surgeon. He a Pediatric-Surgeon. Both to be successful. Both to be the best in the field and both to be respectable and world renowned. And innocently as it may seem we dream of one day being super rich..:)

I want to wear only designer clothes. Go shopping to Paris. Buy myself a Merc. or a BMW SUV. Travel the world, travel business class and dine at the greatest restaurants in the world.

He wants to tailor exclusively. Buy all the techno gadgets. Buy himself a Merc..(professional looking one). Wants to spend money and live luxuriously.

I want to get married one-day...I think...i'm still deciding..:P

He clearly wants to get married at the age between 27yrs to 30yrs. Though he is sure it will have to be his parents choice because he has no belief in falling in Love with a girl like that to get married..:D..weird right???

And we dream together. And at sometimes our dreams collide and we feel comfortable just to let it stay collided and build it along.

We dream of a dream house with Dogs. Hopefully Labs or Golden Retrievers.

We dream of lovely, cute kids. He wants a baby girl like me. I want a baby Boy as adorable, lovable yet naughty like him.

We dream of waking up together in the morning. He first. Morning hug...a kiss..and he volunteers to make the tea and milk while i snuggle up and sleep more...;)

He comes..wakes me up. We drink tea and fall back on the bed to talk.Just talk. To just Hug and watch how nature just miraculously gives light to the world. How each ray of sun reflects on the trees, the flowers, dew drops. How the rays touches his face. How the light shines on my skin. A moment that is truly ours to drink in and enjoy before the rush of a hectic life engulfs us.

The kids run in and jumps on our bed. Demands his attention and mine and so we pour them all our love, drowning them with thousands of hugs and kisses. Teasing them, tickling them and listening to the ringing of their joyful laughter in our ears and with secret looks at each other being thankful to God and each other for making our lives this perfect.

We spoke that we are not going to be perfect. I told him that i'm going to be all cranky in the morning with messy hair and swollen puffy ugly eyes. He who has seen me all sleepy before said that i look cute and adorable. And he said that if he gets mad that it's going to be hard for me. I agreed that i will hug him tight until he calms down, and we were happy.

We figured that in every way we will be okay with each other. I mean just perfect for each other. Well that's all that matters right????

I told him that since i'm short and a bit chubby that i wont look that great, but he calls me pretty.

He is tall and bigger compared to the tiny me and i find it awesome.

He wants to show me off to his friends. Being the most perfect husband so that my friends will be jealous of me. Yet he dreams of being faithful to only me and i smile at the memory and enjoy it.

I dream of all the moods that i might get into. All the fights that we might have.

But i know that we will be totally alright. I know that we will bug each other. I will get bugged and he will act like he gets bugged. I know that we will learn together. we will learn from each other. Me from his extensive Brain Power. He from my Work- Attitude. I know that we will have animated conversations and that we will never run out of things to talk. ...from friends to hobbies..going on to subjects of intense study.

We know that we can always be ourselves with each other. Share a drink. Share a toast for our fulfilled life. And we would always see each other for who we are.

He dreams of buying me stuff. Anything and everything and i know that he will take care of me and that i can trust him.

I dream of being all that he wants me to be. But then again i don't have to change a thing. i am who he dreams of me to be.

Lastly he tells me that he will treat me like a princess. If i was his and i know he will. And i want to be treated like that someday.

With him i know that i will be his equal..intellectually, academically and spiritually. Isn't that what every girl dreams of???

He tells me that he loves me to death and i tell him the same and we both know that it's the honest truth.

And so we wonder together what God was thinking by bringing me 2 years before him and him 2 years after me.

I guess he has better plans for us. But yet we wonder why????
Wouldn't it be perfect???

And so i dream...:)

God Bless...
Smile Always...:D


  1. Lovely dream.. May it all come true

  2. Awww Penny! :) Man, so far 80% of my crushes have been older than me, and all I can do is sigh. But I guess as one gets older these age differences don't really matter that much, so keep dreaming Penny, it just might come true!

    *Hugs* to you and the lucky guy! :)

  3. Currently ;) I'm having major major crush on a girl who is two years elder to me :D Some times age may seem to dominate but it can't, because as I see, what he has for you and what you have for him is just raw and beautiful and innocent:D Love is not supposed to be complicated. Keep dreaming. I'm sure everything will work out, why?, I know so many people have made it through in spite of so many many differences. Age may seem to get in the way when the girl is some times more mature than the boy, but both you guys are good :D If you are abstaining from it cause you will find your family and friends and and who not?, disappointed in what you do, then that is how you want others to feel about you. Take it easy, dream, IMAGINE :D
    Lotsa hugs :D


  4. Aww.. this is such a lovely wonderful romantic dream and quite a deserving one too Penny. Wish all your (both your) dreams to come true! ^__^

    Oh and do let us know when it does come true.. ^__^ Age's not a barrier, if you've understanding parents from both sides. I'm sure if you both strive to achieve your professional goals, those goals are so cool I tell you, you'll be blessed by your parents for sure.

    Also remember that the house of Love is supported by a bunch of sturdy pillars, like respect, understanding, mutual trust and loyalty. You've nothing to worry if you have all these. ^__^

  5. It's 1.00 am and I have a cheeky grin on my face as I read your post [If I ever meet you in person, I’ll tell you why]. Believe me Penny, none of these are impossible and they are closer to your reach than you think. As far as “he” is concerned, just believe in miracles – they do happen if you believe hard enough. ;)

  6. two years is nothing. i'm sure it'll all work out. work for it.. =)

  7. Santhoshi - Thank you..

    Chavie, Me-shak, Harumi - you guys give me hope...nice to know that there are some ppl who are not naive and who loves me no matter what...

    SI - awwwww...cant wait to hear about it...i'm gonna hold you to your promise...i think there is a very good possibility in *him...;)))

    Crystal flame - thank you...means alot..

    p.s. do you guys know that i read this constantly ...coz you guys made me believe and hope and keep faith...

    THANK YOU...