Friday, November 23, 2012

Happpyyy St. George's Dayyyyy

helllooo world...

its a holiday in a hectic life of a med student...that means im right now..tasting the nectar of life...its 5pm here now and im still in my last nights PJ's on bed...refusing to leave it unless necessary...:P

well rarely does such a chance come to us poor fellows in this country..after being so used to the taken-so-much for granted poya days we have at home...getting an unexpected holiday like this on a weekday makes all of us break out in dance at school...i mean uni...which we did not..obviously..:)

St.George's day known as Giorgobas day here is a national holiday..being as this is an orthodox christian country..
when i innocently inquired my patho-physio teacher in class yesterday what the day meant...she told me this...
"st.giorgoba(george) kill evil thing with very big stick ...and we have goodness evil..."
she is a sweetheart who tried to explain to me as much as she could about her holy day...
apparently St.George's feast day is today...and he is referred to as "the dragonkiller"
And the ever devout Christians of Georgia commemorate this day by going to church and praying to St.Giorgoba to protect them and keep them safe from all Evil...

well my day...was beautiful..i got up at 8am..brushed my teeth and went to sleep...then got up at 2pm..and caught up with all the much missed tv series...and now since im a Catholic too..after i finish typing gonna say a prayer to St.George thanking him for the much needed holiday and to protect me from the evil snatches of my professors at uni tomorrow and for the rest of the year....and maybe next year too..:(

and them do i start doing my thesis on Hygiene in Sri Lankan communities...or not???
life can be such a party pooper sometimes..

Hope you guys out there are enjoying and partying like NORMAL people do on a Friday Night...:(
Have fun for me too..
God Bless us all...:)


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