Thursday, August 5, 2010


The advantages of two of your flat-mates going home for the get TWO beds...clamp it together and you get ONE BIG get an extra pillow...yeeeeyyyyiii..and a whole room to stay in as you wish...:))))

The the middle of the night you miss her snoring..when you get up countless times in the night scolding her to adjust her pillow so that she would stop it...the random talks you have until someone falls asleep.the getting up in the morning together... figuring it's too early and go back to sleep again...the absolute boredom that surrounds you because you have no-one around to bug...:((( has been long since the pals left...the guys and girls...but i'm doing fine...really bored but that dosen't mean i sit here all day ...doing i dooo.

the usual days run like this..
1. wake up at 7am..figure it's too early..sleep till 11am and get up.
2. walk about...brush teeth..drink milk and start cooking lunch. a a book..
4. eat at 5pm. another series...
6.go online..facebook..barn buddy..(yes i actually started playing it coz i have nothing else to doo)
7.dinner at 11. movies and read till like 5am..
9. sleeep...

hehe i knowwww..what a time waster right...but i have promised myself that from tomorrow it's going to be more productive.and i'm going to stick to it..

the productivity schedule..

1.get up at 8am..go jog(need to get all the fatness off)
2.10am read
3.start going through my course work..:(((..have to keep up with studies..
4.cook and eat something
6.go for a walk
7.go through course work buddy..(cant give up now can i??
10.sleep by 2am..hopefully before..

wish me luck..hope i stick to this..

God Bless..


  1. the first list just reminds me of my college roommates who woke up at 2pm when I'm ready to have an afternoon nap. Good luck with sticking to the new version!

  2. Hey, nice to read your post again. sorry for not commenting, was crazy busy during the past few weeks.

    Aww, It's good to know you are doing well. These are holidays and you are supposed to at least waste some of it. Like i change channels for hours some times. Talking about taking jogs, mine are long due. Fatness indeed :P

    hope you'll get a little busy and all of your plans will work out.

    All the best.


  3. Crystal Flame - i'm doing pretty good sooo far...but got some minor adjustments to make...sooo far sooo good..:))

    Me-shak - where were's really great to hear from youuu..welcome back...dont worry i have been rudely away as well..awwww..thanks's to wasting

  4. hehe.. that sounds like fun, both your schedules I mean. And yep, life sure is boring when there's no one to bug. lol

    And here I am replying to this post, way too late. Need to do something seriously about my procrastinating habit. -__-